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Geodrive Motors

Completions Motors

Full completions motor packages available for:

  • 1 1116" – 43mm
  • 2 78" – 73mm
  • 3 18" – 79mm
  • 3 34" – 95mm
  • Multi Stage Fracing seat drillouts
  • Cement drilling
  • Open Hole Extensions
  • Composite Plug drillouts
  • Confirmation Runs

All styles of Mills are available; Pineapple, Flat Bottom, Concave, etc.

Service Rig Applications:

We can supply Anti Torque Swivels, Drill Collars & Disconnects.

Coil Tubing Applications:

We can supply Dimple Subs & Safety Motor Heads.

*All applicable downhole tools & accessories available upon request.

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Geodrive Disposable Motors

GeoDrive Disposable Motors

TMC's GeoDrive Disposable Drilling Motors are economically priced & engineered to be left in the well.


They provide the ability to drill through bridges & tight spots on final casing runs.

They can be utilized to avoid trips & cleanout runs.

They can be utilized to install Liners when rotating is not feasible & anywhere rotating is not desired.

They can now be run on Slotted Liners.

Geodrive Motors

Drilling Motor Rental Fleet

Our motor rental fleet offers a robust, mud lubricated, Positive Displacement Performance drilling motor that has proven itself a money maker for our customers.

Standard Rental Motor Sizes:

  • 4 34" – 120mm
  • 6 12" – 165mm
  • 8 12" – 216mm

*Other sizes available upon request.

Try using TMC's GeoDrive Drilling Motors for your next project.

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